“What matters isn’t storytelling. What matters is telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley, writer and keynote speaker

Good copywriting builds your brand, positions you as a thought leader, and makes your business stand out from your competition.

That’s why it’s a solid lead generation strategy to attract, educate and convince your online audience that you have the solution to their pain points.

But not everybody who reads your blogs, articles or landing pages is ready to buy from you right away. That’s why our copywriting targets your potential customers at every stage of awareness:

Our Perth copywriting services will enable you to build your online presence and quickly turn an unaware prospect into a loyal customer.

Key Features

  • Unaware: From not knowing about you yet
  • Problem aware: Knowing that they have a problem they need solved
  • Solution aware: Understanding that they need a solution (without knowing about you yet)
  • Product aware: Learning about you but still needing to be convinced
  • Most aware: Trusting you and knowing you can help them

Why copywriting is vital to your business success

Search engines love good, comprehensive, long-form content. Users trust what they see on page one of search engines. Great copywriting will boost your ranking and help your business appear on the first page of relevant search results.

But one blog is not enough to get you or keep you there. You need to be consistent with your content and integrate keywords that Google can recognise and rank high.

To be trustworthy, you need to provide  answers to the different questions that people may be asking. 

In fact, copywriting and content writing services can increase your website traffic  seven times over and drive higher conversion rates according to the Content Marketing Institute. 

Quality, strategic content creation will build your brand and increase your authority in your industry. 

The styles of copywriting we create for you

Our copywriting is scientific in approach (sort of) and follows the principles of the 5 Stages of Awareness explained in the book Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. 

Each of our writing styles are targeted towards readers at different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Here’s how we do that.

Unaware Copywriting

Unaware copywriting is pitched at an audience that doesn’t know you or your brand, yet. By sharing your Hero’s Journey, a branded story or leveraging your referral partners in joint venture content, you announce who you are and build trust among people unfamiliar with you.

Here are the writing styles we’ll create for you.

1. Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is how Hollywood tells stories and it works in your content, too. Customers want a personal connection these days and this copywriting style inspires readers to follow your journey and support your values and mission.

It’s a 12 step process that allows your audience to become familiar with you.

This style of copywriting tells an epic underdog story that will build your personal brand and ensure your readers will remember you.

Key Features

  • Educates your audience about who you are and what drives you
  • Sets up your circumstance
  • Creates empathy for you as your audience becomes attached to your story
  • Explains the opportunity in front of you
  • Emphasises the situation you’ve been thrust into
  • Details how you are pursuing your opportunity
  • Highlights the conflict you’ve faced along the way
  • Introduces your support network
  • Showcases your transformation
  • Builds to a climax
  • Explores the results you’ve achieved
  • Shows why you’re best placed to help your customers

2. Branded Story

A branded story allows your business create the narrative behind your brand  by:

  1. Taking control of the story you’re telling 
  2. Detailing your brand’s why and how it came to exist
  3. Highlights what it enables a customer to do with their product or service
  4. Explaining the values, mission and motivations driving your brand 

It differs from the hero’s journey as the focus is not on the individual, rather  the brand itself.

3. Joint Venture

Referral networks are common in business and they are great fodder for blog content, too. Including other people (or businesses) within your referral network in your content is a great way to create a blog post that is unique (something that search engines love). 

Joint venture copywriting accomplishes the following:

  1. Introduces your brand to a new audience by partnering with another business
  2. Shares information about your business, product, and service with a complementary brand and highlights your expertise 
  3. Educates both audiences by offering valuable information from two different perspectives 
  4. Enables you to tap into the networks of your referrers 
  5. Positions both authors as experts in their fields

Joint venture copywriting creates a lasting relationship between two businesses that can help each other build audiences, awareness, and focus on educating their respective target markets.

Problem aware copywriting

When a prospect has a problem, generally they search for resources about it online. That’s why having content available on search engines helps to show that you are aware of the problem your ideal customers are experiencing – this happens in the form of SEO keyword blogs.

4. SEO Keyword

SEO keyword blogs and articles provide comprehensive and well-researched information that educates users about the problem they are facing. 

We construct SEO copywriting by: 

  1. Researching and developing which keywords need to be integrated in the blog
  2. Including those keywords in headlines (as Google tends to favour those) and throughout the body of the blog
  3. Utilising writing styles that search engines prefer like how-to articles, listicles, and top tips blogs
  4. Using images and alt-text to further boost SEO initiatives
  5. Linking to authoritative external and internal resources to support the claims and data being used 

SEO copywriting directly addresses your customers’ pain points and ensures they receive the best education about their problem.

Solution Aware Copywriting

Once your ideal customer becomes aware that their problem can be solved (often after reading SEO copywriting), they then search for the best solution. 

Customer case study copywriting is a great way to show your audience that your solution (i.e. your products or services) is what they’re looking for. 

Given it comes from someone else and not your brand, their review and perception of your product or service seems more sincere.

5. Customer Case Study

In order to create effective customer case study copywriting on your behalf, we will do the following:

  1. Conduct an interview with your customers and get them to explain their story before, during, and after working with you
  2. Compile the data and figures that prove your ROI for a customer
  3. Summarise the situation
  4. Articulate the challenge you had to solve
  5. Detail the solution you provided
  6. Explain the results you achieved for your customer

For this type of awareness, a customer case study offers social proof that your solution works and is what your customers are looking for.

Product Aware Copywriting

Even after being educated about their problem and learning of your solution, sometimes readers still need a (gentle) push to be convinced. After all, your products or services are still one of many options. 

So, you need to maximise your trust and highlight your uniqueness. And you can do that by having an opinion.

6. Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces are often polarising and take a particular stance on something that you’re passionate about or experienced in. By sharing your opinion, you show courage, mastery over specific topics, and the resolve to back up your claims with data and facts. 

To create  well-informed opinion pieces that you can pitch to industry-specific publications, we’ll do the following:

  1. Understand the key message you want to get across and how it’s relevant to readers.
  2. Draw in current themes to make your opinion newsworthy at the time of writing
  3. Write a killer headline that polarises readers (they’ll either agree or disagree, but either way, they’ll keep reading)
  4. Prosecute your argument, making strong claims and asking hard questions (this is your opinion so own it)
  5. Write to the journalism structure of the inverted pyramid (that way the most important information is available immediately to time-poor readers)
  6. Use a conversational style in the copywriting (nobody wants to deal with a dictator)
  7. Include data that supports your opinion
  8. Write to the editorial guidelines of chosen publications (so you can pitch the article to them)

Opinion pieces grant your business some level of authority on certain subjects and build your trustworthiness.

Most Aware Copywriting

Now that you’ve gained your ideal customers’ trust, you become someone they listen to and (mostly importantly) somebody they want to purchase from. 

But becoming complacent with just being your audience’s ‘most aware’ option is a sure-fire way to bore your customers (and customers aren’t loyal like they used to be). So, to safeguard your authoritative position, you need to give your customers new thinking and develop ideas about the future of your industry.

7. Thought Leadership

If you do this, you’re a thought leader and positioned to be an expert whose thoughts can become the actions of others. 

Our thought leadership copywriting involves the following:

  1. Working with you to develop new, insightful ideas that directly impact your audience and industry
  2. Researching the most accurate and beneficial data, statistics, and evidence from well-known resources 
  3. Citing reliable third-party sources such as quotes from respected businesspeople, academics, or historical figures to further boost your claims
  4. Positioning the author (i.e. you) as a valued and meaningful contributor within a particular industry

Remember that you aren’t considered a thought leader until others have said it on your behalf, so it’s better that you don’t go claiming the title. Let your reputation do the talking.

How our copywriting services have helped build Star Dynamic Property Investments brand

We’ve helped Star Dynamic Property Investments significantly boost their online brand awareness and generate leads through the use of targeted blogs, video scripts, social media posts and copy for eNewsletters.

In fcat, one of the blogs we created for them was published on the Your Property Investment website which is great for their SEO backlinking strategy and authority.

We’ve cultivated a relationship with Star Dynamic and CEO Lindsay Stewart to create content for them, understanding their niche market and crafting the kind of content they and their customers enjoy.

Our Copywriting Mission is Simple

We want to enable you to publish (or upload) copywriting that serves as a consistent lead generation tool for your business by educating and engaging your market with relevant, thought provoking ideas and concepts. 

With our strategic storytelling, we can help you grow your audience and build your online presence, as well as your brand. 

Joan Didion, an American writer, once said, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” And we couldn’t agree more.