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Who We Are

Luke Buesnel


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+61 3 8564 8637

Luke believes storytelling is the way we’ve always communicated information and is paramount to making videos, podcasts and articles that appeal to your audience.

He started his media career as a commercial radio broadcaster but couldn’t hack promoting celebrities and talentless music.

This was the instigator for him to study journalism (and politics). For more than 15 years Luke worked within journalism and media communications. In that time, he produced many 774 ABC radio programs, wrote feature stories for The Age and held media roles with corporates, the federal government and not-for-profits.

Luke saw firsthand how the ‘churn and burn’ approach applied to content creation has failed businesses and is on a mission to create content with more impact and meaning.

Story League was created out of a passion for storytelling and a genuine desire to improve the way we communicate.

Don’t be average -
be in a different league.

We’re a league of journalists. If you’ve got something meaningful to say and want it delivered with impact, we are your storytellers.

At Story League, we believe that our content creation will help you win a dedicated following and lead towards a successful future.

We’re unique with video and podcast creators, or writers all in-house.

Leave it to us; we know how to produce content that screams ‘consume me’.

Don’t be average – be in a different league.