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The first time Luke Buesnel, our Founder and Content Director, learnt the power of storytelling was when he was in grade two in 1992.

Luke’s grandpa would spin a yarn about his wartime heroics. Apparently, grandpa was shot in the chest with a cannon and knighted by the Queen. 

Luke believed every word and reshared these stories at his primary school’s show and tell.

Luke Buesnel and his grandfather
Luke Buesnel Presenting

In hindsight, we know it was total BS. 

But it proves a valuable point: Stories are remembered, retold and inspire people to act. 

Without knowing it, a business idea was born.  

A few decades and plenty of experience later, Story League was founded to tell the stories that are alive within your company and industry. 

As a result, the stories we create for our customers boost their influence, build their audience and increase their customer base. 

So, join our League and let’s start creating.

Luke Buesnel Presenting
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What motivates us?

Video content, podcasts & copywriting that get you discovered


We’ve seen how great stories compel people to act and believe they’re central to creating content that builds your audience and converts them into loyal customers.


We want to work with you to develop the stories that are alive within your company and industry. Your content needs to be seen by your ideal customers as educational, engaging and strong enough for them to seek out your business.


We’re journalists and content creators who know how to create content that gets results on search engines and social media platforms.



Luke Buesnel

Story League’s Founder

Luke Buesnel, Director

Luke’s career is an epic story in itself.

Starting out as an actor, he appeared on TV shows Neighbours and Sensing Murder before moving into radio broadcasting.

Wanting more out of life than talking celebrity gossip and top 40 music, Luke studied journalism and politics.

During this time he worked for 774 ABC Radio Melbourne and The Age which led to a media advisory role for a politician in Federal Parliament.

Having helped win an election campaign, Luke moved overseas to destress as a travel journalist.

After returning to Australia, Luke saw an opportunity to use his journalism and media skills to help property and finance brands tell important and powerful stories to build an audience of loyal customers.

That’s when Luke started Story League.

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