Copywriting services Melbourne

content framework

Content and industry research

To understand you and your industry and the calibre of the content being uploaded in your marketplace, we need to do the research.

Workshop and building your content strategy

Writing a blog, recording a podcast, or filming a video is fun, but if you don’t know its intention, you’re wasting your time (and more importantly, your audience’s time).

Content creation

To meet the demands of Google and your ideal customers, we know that content needs to be consistently created in seven different ways.

Content roll out and distribution

Once the content has been created, it will be handed over to you for review. After your feedback, we’ll action your suggestions and prepare your content for distribution.

Measuring content and client success

Once your content is rolling out, and the first month has passed, we will conduct content and client success meetings.

Converting your audience into loyal customers

Copywriting, podcasts and videos are nothing unless they convert your audience into loyal customers.

"We love working with Story League. They’re professionals at creating brilliant content and it’s allowed us to focus on core business."

Sabino Choi - Director + Reg.Architect, YSC Architects

"Story League have the skill and creativity to make copywriting, podcasts and videos stand out in a saturated field, while still adhering to branding guidelines."

Jovana Vujnic - CEO, Bumper Leads Marketing Automation Agency

"Their succinct, playful and sophisticated writing really helped my corporate video script hold attention with personality and pause; both elements required to communicate well."

Dani Sampson - Branding and Marketing Consultant