Putting quality back into content

We’re a content agency that creates strategic and targeted copywriting, podcasts and videos that build your audience and convert them into customers.

Storytelling is the way we’ve always communicated information and is paramount to the success of any blog, ebook, podcast, video, sales funnel or webinar.

At Story League, we believe that our content strategy and creation will help you win a dedicated audience and generate significant leads.

Story League does this by identifying the topics your ideal customers want to engage with. We then work with you to create a strategy and produce content that is educational and entertaining, yet valuable to your ideal customers.

Stanford University research shows that statistics alone have a retention rate of up to 10%, but when coupled with anecdotes (or stories), the retention rate rises to nearly 70%.

If you’ve got something meaningful to say and want it to generate significant leads, we are your storytellers.

The Story League difference

We know you’re over the crass, self-indulgent content that seems to dominate the digital media landscape.

It’s understandable that audiences are weary from the massive amounts of content that’s being thrown at them.

That’s why at Story League we’re focussed on targeted content - articles, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, videos, sales funnel or webinar that actually appeals to the market you want to attract.

While a viral hit will be seen by large numbers, how many actually take action on what they consume? If it’s not targeted content it’s wasted and just adds to the white noise.

That’s why we want your content to be unique, to stand out and to set you up as your industry’s expert and educator.

Our Why

We’ve seen how great stories compel people to act and believe its central to creating content that builds your audience and convert them into loyal customers. That’s why Story League exists, to enable you to drive sales through content.

Our Experience

We’re journalists and have been at the coal-face creating story-focus content for years. We’ve worked for 774 ABC radio, The Age and many other media organisations both in Australia and internationally.

Our Goal

We want to work with you to develop the stories that are alive within your organisation and industry. For us, your content needs to be seen by your ideal customers as educational, engaging and strong enough for them to seek out your business.

Our Dream

To live in a world free of ego-driven content, but it’s never going to happen. So, we want to bring journalistic principles and professionalism to content. After all, journalism has told some of the most important and powerful stories of all time.
We’re willing and ready to turn your content into a lead generating machine. If you’ve got something to say, we’re your storytellers.

"Story League create high-quality content that engages my ideal customers. Their work has even been published in a prominent online publication for me. That’s real ROI."

Tristan Wright - Business Coach, Evolve to Grow

"We love working with Story League. They’re professionals at creating brilliant content and it’s allowed us to focus on core business."

Sabino Choi - Director + Reg.Architect, YSC Architects

"Story League have the skill and creativity to make copywriting, podcasts and videos stand out in a saturated field, while still adhering to branding guidelines."

Jovana Vujnic - CEO, Bumper Leads Marketing Automation Agency

"Their succinct, playful and sophisticated writing really helped my corporate video script hold attention with personality and pause; both elements required to communicate well."

Dani Sampson - Branding and Marketing Consultant