How social media can help finance brands

How are you leveraging your social media platforms to your brand’s advantage? Marketing is much more complex now than it was five, or even three, years ago. Today, social media marketing is an essential aspect of any content marketing strategy.  The Financial Brand reported that 81% of financial marketers say they’ve picked up new leads […]

Social Media Algorithm: Friend or Foe?

A person thinking about social media algorithms

Every social media platform has an algorithm that favours certain content over others. It is ever-changing and marketers need to keep up with the latest updates.   On every platform, the algorithm affects how content is shared in the feeds of other people. Algorithms measure the ways people engage with different types of content, to ensure […]

5 Social Media Marketing Myths to Unlearn

social media marketing strategy

Social media is easily accessible to anyone and is one of the most visible spaces to raise awareness for your business. More than 4.7 billion people around the world use social media–that’s over half of the global population–and that rate is growing every day. Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat and Instagram are the most popular platforms. […]

How businesses can create engaging social media graphics

Engaging Social Media Graphics

Gone are the days when simply producing text-based content is enough, but this isn’t a new fad.  The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” was coined in 1921 by an advertising executive, to explain how images convey meaning better than words, and it’s still relevant to this day. Psychologists also confirm that people […]

What are the qualities of the best social media managers?

Social Media Manager

The success of your content on social media hinges on the marketing strategy you have in place. With so much content published online every day, you need to be consistent with the quality of social media posts you create and share, check out copywriting services to know about content strategy. A social media marketing strategy […]

What is social commerce and how can it help your business?

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Social commerce has revolutionised the way we shop online, making it that much easier to check out those carts–and it’s all thanks to social media. Now it’s normal to find products in between posts from your friends and colleagues on social media. According to Accenture, consumers spend two and a half hours a day on […]

5 ways to create engaging silent videos on social media

Person Taking Video of People

When it comes to videos, do you watch them with the sound on or off? In a study conducted by Verizon Media and Publicis Media, 69% of consumers said they watch videos with the sound off in public places and 50% of consumers say captions are important precisely because they watch videos with the sound […]

Is TikTok the future of content marketing?

Tiktok on Phone

Remember when Facebook was the king of social media platforms? It was fun while it lasted, but times have changed: it’s TikTok’s time to reign. TikTok’s popularity ushered in the beginning of a new decade and a new social media landscape with its revolutionary short-form video content. Since its boom during the pandemic, the previously […]

7 tips to write click-worthy social media captions

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Content is everywhere—a two-minute scroll on social media will prove that. To cut through, your posts need to be relevant and interesting to your ideal customers to stop them from moving on to the next cat or baby video.  If you want your content to appeal to your ideal customers, you need to do more […]

5 ways you can improve your brand with social listening

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You’re sitting back, relaxing, as one of your social media experts is explaining that the number of times people have used your business name and keywords has skyrocketed. You swell with pride—but only momentarily. Because right after they show you that spike, they tell you that it’s not all good mentions, but a lot of […]