Need more customer connections to your brand? A story could help

Every person has a favourite story they love to revisit, whether it’s a book, a movie or even a personal anecdote full of fond memories. Stories have a lasting impact on people and can be a great way to develop meaningful connections with your customers. Just as myths and fables can impart great lessons, so […]

How to use customer-led storytelling for your brand

Your customers’ feedback can be used for more than just your testimonial page, their reviews can be useful for your story-driven content too.  As a business, you need to continuously elevate your customer experience and demonstrate that your brand is committed to your customers.  Focusing on improving your customer experience can come in multiple forms, […]

3 benefits of using storytelling in your marketing

There are certain books we like to reread or movies that we like to rewatch — and it could be for a variety of reasons, but what your favourite novels and films have in common is a great story. A great story is memorable and engaging, and it can inspire its audiences to act in […]