The Way We Manage Your Video Project

There are several elements we put in place to ensure the video projects we create get results. 

These include:

Narrative creation: This is about identifying the intent of a video, the ideal customer, and how what you have to say is meaningful, brand-building, and lead-generating.

Interview talent identification: Sometimes a business owner is not best placed to feature in a video, and decisions need to be made around who is best to feature on-screen. Ultimately, you shouldn’t feature somebody in a video if they don’t appeal to your desired end-user. 

Storyboarding: This means everybody knows what footage will be captured on the day/s of filming and approves of what shots will be selected for video edits in advance of shooting and editing. 

Script creation: If the video requires dialogue, it needs to be relevant to the footage and appeal to your ideal customers. There’s nothing worse than turning up on filming day without a well-thought-out script and trying to wing it. 

On-camera talent media training: For most people, being on camera is unnatural. So, we media train you before filming starts so you are comfortable and confident during recording. 

Filming day run-sheets and on-camera briefs: Filming times can blow out quickly if you’re not working towards a plan, and that costs money. So before each video project, everybody involved will be sent a brief of how the shoot will be managed. It will cover things like:

  • Locations.
  • Time frames/dates. 
  • Who is on camera and when. 
  • Shot selections and pre-approved scripting. 

This ensures busy business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t kept waiting to film for ages. It’s seamless and enables you to be involved when you need to, but doesn’t take you away from the actual requirements of your role.

How Videos Generate Leads

All of our videos are designed to generate leads and raise brand awareness. 

Here’s how we achieve that for you: 

We optimise your videos for social media platforms: Every platform has its own preferences. We tailor your videos and scripts so that it matches the algorithm of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We create videos that target different stages of a buyer’s journey: The five stages of awareness are:

  • Unaware: People don’t have any idea of your products or services and don’t know who you are right now. 
  • Pain aware: People realise they have a problem, but don’t know the solution yet.
  • Solution aware: People know that there’s a problem and a solution, but they don’t know about the solution you have.
  • Product aware: People know you offer solutions but have not decided on which product, service, or package to buy.
  • Most aware: People trust your brand and are ready to work with you. 

We create videos that convert through a content strategy that works: Through our detailed digital content strategy, we are able to create videos that attract viewers, turn them into leads, and finally, convert them into customers. We also monitor the success of your videos, so that we can remodel future videos to target and capture new audiences. 

We provide ongoing advice on how you can generate more leads with the videos we create: Some of these include:

  • How to use your videos on campaign landing pages.
  • How to create and execute video email marketing.
  • How to track the progress of your video marketing plans.

We want you to dominate video marketing

Story League is a content creation agency that creates strategic and targeted videos and scripts that builds your audience and converts them into customers. 

We want to work with you to develop the stories that are alive within your organisation and industry. For us, your content needs to be seen by your ideal customers as educational, engaging, and strong enough for them to seek out your business.

Story League offers workshops for building your content strategy and monthly video creation packages that can include each of these four video themes. This will enable you to generate leads by uploading consistent and meaningful videos that engage and educate your audience.