What is your brand story and why do you need one?

Saying your business has a brand is one thing, but intentionally crafting your brand story is another.  Your brand story is an integral aspect of your business and by extension, your marketing strategy. Your story gives your audience a clear idea of your brand identity, purpose and values. Stories have the power to communicate these […]

How to use customer-led storytelling for your brand

Your customers’ feedback can be used for more than just your testimonial page, their reviews can be useful for your story-driven content too.  As a business, you need to continuously elevate your customer experience and demonstrate that your brand is committed to your customers.  Focusing on improving your customer experience can come in multiple forms, […]

3 benefits of using storytelling in your marketing

There are certain books we like to reread or movies that we like to rewatch — and it could be for a variety of reasons, but what your favourite novels and films have in common is a great story. A great story is memorable and engaging, and it can inspire its audiences to act in […]

Why your finance company needs content to build your brand

Content is a powerful tool in shaping people’s perceptions about your finance company’s brand. Identifying the characteristics of what makes a brand compelling can allow you to leverage these qualities through your content. For example, Abacus developed a system called the “ROLE Model” of personal branding — which stands for reach, leadership, outlook and expertise […]

Why your finance company needs to leverage its branding

Every business has a brand, whether they are aware of it or not. Unfortunately, businesses that are unaware of the importance of their brand miss out on a lot. Leveraging your brand enables your finance company to stay top of mind with your target customer while increasing brand awareness and recognition with a wider audience. […]

Don’t need to brand your real estate agency? Think again

What comes to mind when you think about branding? It can be a challenge to see where you would need this, but any business owner worth their salt must make an effort to create a recognisable brand, especially in the real estate space.  Real estate professionals need to meet customers where they are, and branding […]