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Why your finance company needs content to build your brand

Content is a powerful tool in shaping people’s perceptions about your finance company’s brand.

Identifying the characteristics of what makes a brand compelling can allow you to leverage these qualities through your content.

For example, Abacus developed a system called the “ROLE Model” of personal branding — which stands for reach, leadership, outlook and expertise — and demonstrated its effectiveness by showcasing the branding approaches of different financial leaders and how they embody the principles of Abacus’ system in their work and their content. 

Following Abacus’ “ROLE Model” system for personal branding, you can extend your reach by leveraging your social media to connect with finance experts in your region. You can broadcast your leadership and your outlook by sharing thought leadership posts and insights on your platforms. Then demonstrate your company’s expertise by highlighting testimonials and sharing accomplishments that have benefited your clients or community.

These are just a few examples of how you can use content to strengthen your branding, particularly if you highlight key qualities of your company’s brand.  

5 reasons finance companies must create content to build their brand

We’ve shortlisted five benefits of creating high-quality content to building your finance brand, and corresponding strategies on how to maximise the use of your content.

1. Content humanises your brand

Finance companies can seem intimidating, especially if the products and services they offer are difficult to understand from the average consumer’s perspective. 

Content can break this barrier, making your brand more approachable and helping your target audience understand how your company can serve them.

Humanising your brand should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy, which includes not only content creation but also customer engagement as well. 

When you create posts, put your customers first and empathise with them. Show them that you understand their biggest pain points. Share your insight about relevant industry topics and trends that can be useful to your audience. When it comes to content, creating comprehensive educational blogs can go a long way in increasing your audience’s financial literacy and understanding of your field. Equally important is to uplift minorities and underserved segments of the market. Providing access to services to underserved markets and acknowledging the power that women hold with their wealth is key to creating an inclusive and global finance brand for your company.

You can even work on a granular level about humanising your brand by focusing on your brand’s voice and tone. Make sure to speak your audience’s language, be straightforward and clear with the message you want to convey and avoid using jargon in your content.

2. Content extends your brand’s reach 

Is your financial company having trouble drumming up audience engagement online? It may be time to go back to the drawing board.

This is understandable as you start building your brand. Fewer clients and audiences mean there is still room for improvement in developing customer trust and brand credibility. Creating high-quality content consistently can position you as an expert in the industry and increase visibility for your company. Focus on your strengths with the customer, and demonstrate how you can make their lives easier with the products and services that you provide.

When you post top-quality content regularly, your audience will learn to depend on your brand as a primary source of knowledge. It’s also important to maintain momentum with your audience engagement. 

You can do this by identifying the marketing goals and their corresponding content performance and engagement metrics:

  • Brand awareness – Website traffic, page and video views, downloads
  • Engagement – comments, shares, inbound links
  • Lead generation – Subscriptions, conversion rate, form completions
  • Sales – Online and offline sales, manual reporting and anecdotes
  • Customer retention – Renewal rates, percentage of content consumed by existing customers

This will help you pinpoint any further areas of improvement in your content marketing strategy and ensure that you maintain the audience engagement you’ve cultivated on your platforms.

3. Content demonstrates your leadership

Different types of content can show your leadership style. This can include customer testimonials and employee spotlights, and their feedback reflects how the business operates and treats customers and staff alike.

If you’re struggling with becoming a better leader, there are strategies that you can use to develop your leadership skills., enabling you to positively impact your company and how it is perceived by its stakeholders. When you are an impactful leader in your organisation, it will naturally follow that your staff, your clients and your peers will be inspired by your leadership style.

4. Content showcases your expertise and personality

Your content is the opportunity to present your expertise in the finance industry. But it shouldn’t stop there. To make your brand truly unique and memorable, you need to inject a brand personality into your content. Creating content that consistently has the same voice, aesthetics and style will increase brand recognition and recall.

Consistent content also demonstrates that finance brands are dependable and trustworthy. Showing your brand personality through content makes your company approachable and personable.

5. Content broadcasts your growth and development

While content should never be self-indulgent, it can be a good opportunity to share the milestones you’ve reached and how your business is growing and constantly serving its customers to the best of its ability. 

Acknowledging the people who have helped you grow in your journey can also make them feel valued, from staff members to investors and customers, giving them a sense of belonging in your brand community. This also sends the message that the people who supported you along the way are as important to you as the success of your business itself.

Investing in your content enables you to build a strong brand and achieve the marketing goals you’ve set for your company.

Contact us and we’ll help you develop content to build your brand.

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