What is your brand story and why do you need one?

Saying your business has a brand is one thing, but intentionally crafting your brand story is another.  Your brand story is an integral aspect of your business and by extension, your marketing strategy. Your story gives your audience a clear idea of your brand identity, purpose and values. Stories have the power to communicate these […]

Need more customer connections to your brand? A story could help

Every person has a favourite story they love to revisit, whether it’s a book, a movie or even a personal anecdote full of fond memories. Stories have a lasting impact on people and can be a great way to develop meaningful connections with your customers. Just as myths and fables can impart great lessons, so […]

How to use customer-led storytelling for your brand

Your customers’ feedback can be used for more than just your testimonial page, their reviews can be useful for your story-driven content too.  As a business, you need to continuously elevate your customer experience and demonstrate that your brand is committed to your customers.  Focusing on improving your customer experience can come in multiple forms, […]

What is data storytelling?

How do you use data in your content marketing strategy? Data is an integral aspect of any piece of content. From internal reports on consumer trends and behaviours to charts and graphs that support a study or article. While sharing statistics and figures with your audience can help you prove your point, data by itself […]

3 ways interesting visuals help your financial content cut through

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, what do your visuals say about your brand? Visuals are a major component of any social media marketing strategy. Images, videos and even gifs can make the difference between engaging your target audience and leaving them more confused than when they started their search. Interesting visuals with […]

How social media can help finance brands

How are you leveraging your social media platforms to your brand’s advantage? Marketing is much more complex now than it was five, or even three, years ago. Today, social media marketing is an essential aspect of any content marketing strategy.  The Financial Brand reported that 81% of financial marketers say they’ve picked up new leads […]

How content boosts financial literacy

Your customers need to understand your offerings, and believe in the benefits your business provides, for them to confidently purchase your products or services. This is especially relevant in the finance industry, wherein the majority of businesses handle their customers’ money and wealth-building initiatives. One of the challenges that finance brands face is boosting the […]

What are the challenges and opportunities in creating educational finance content?

Finance is a part of our everyday lives, from investments and loans to insurance and accounting. Because it’s so essential, your finance brand has the unique opportunity to reach your target audience by creating finance content that is educational and relevant to them.  NYT Licensing has collected incredible figures that demonstrate the necessity of financial […]

3 Australian fintech companies that succeeded at finance content marketing

If you’re reading this blog, then you understand the importance of content marketing for your finance company.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, making an effort towards your content marketing is par for the course for any company that’s aiming to serve their customers’ needs in a highly competitive digital environment. It can be […]

Why your finance company needs content to build your brand

Content is a powerful tool in shaping people’s perceptions about your finance company’s brand. Identifying the characteristics of what makes a brand compelling can allow you to leverage these qualities through your content. For example, Abacus developed a system called the “ROLE Model” of personal branding — which stands for reach, leadership, outlook and expertise […]