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3 ways interesting visuals help your financial content cut through

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, what do your visuals say about your brand?

Visuals are a major component of any social media marketing strategy. Images, videos and even gifs can make the difference between engaging your target audience and leaving them more confused than when they started their search.

Interesting visuals with clear messaging can improve your content’s chances of cutting through the clutter online. With the right content, you can build your finance brand’s reputation and establish yourself as a credible resource with your target audience. 

Consistently creating content for your finance brand enables you to regularly populate your official platforms with different types of content that your audience can engage with. 

Maintaining a strict posting schedule for your content improves your brand’s performance online, increasing the potential to reach a wider audience and boost visibility. Consistent content also demonstrates your dependability as a brand, which can encourage interactions and engagements from your audience.

When you pair consistent content with impactful visuals you get a winning combination, enabling you to cut through the noise on social media and make your brand stand out. 

Why do visuals matter for financial content?

According to NYTLicensing, the top three content marketing activities for financial marketers included social media marketing (77%), digital display advertising (62%) and video content (53%). 

This demonstrates the need for high-quality, visual-based content online as more finance brands realise its importance in achieving their marketing objectives. The majority of people use social media actively every day, and social media platforms are primarily dependent on images and videos as content. Investing in social media marketing and visual-based content like videos enables brands to leverage the algorithms of the corresponding platform and reach a wider audience online.

Tapping into the potential of visual content enables you to engage with audiences in multiple ways. Infographics can help you highlight key statistics and data, while memes and gifs are great icebreakers to start the conversation with your audiences. You can use short-form videos to create financial guides for educating your audience and spreading awareness about complex concepts. 

The topics that financial brands need to cover tend to be abstract and challenging to grasp for the average consumer, which is why visual content is integral in bridging that gap and ensuring that you can effectively use content to share the solutions your brand provides. 

3 ways interesting visuals help your content cut through

We’ve shortlisted three ways to use visual content in your marketing strategy and how it benefits your brand in the long run. Once you understand how to leverage your visual content, you can diversify your content creation process to reach a wider audience. 

1. Keep existing content alive

Your existing content has a longer shelf life than you may have realised. There are ways to keep your published posts alive, and repurposing content is an effective way for your messages to remain in circulation and ensure that your brand is top of mind.

For example, if you’ve created a blog about “5 ways to diversify your investment portfolio”, you can repurpose that blog by transforming it into visual-based content, such as an infographic or quote image highlighting those five tips. A segment of your audience may not have had the time to read your blog, but they may be more keen to learn about diversification through visual-based posts on social media.

Repurposing content expands your lineup of content so that you don’t have to consistently come up with new ideas on the fly. Repurposed content also enables you to reinforce your key messages and themes, which can boost brand awareness and visibility with your target audience.

2. Engage your current audience

Driving traffic to your website and social media platforms is crucial, but it’s important to keep in touch with your brand community and produce content that resonates with their needs too. 

Maintaining a connection with your brand community enables you to forge personal connections with your audience, potentially converting them into loyal brand advocates. A brand community also enables your customers to share their experiences about your brand and interact with like-minded people through text and visual-based posts. 

This is a great opportunity for you to create interactive visual finance content that your brand community can engage with. Making sure that your visual content answers your customers’ questions and simplifies complex financial concepts can go a long way in reaching your audience. It can even inspire them to create their content and reshare it to their respective social circles. 

3. Build interest in your products and services 

Your content is important in providing valuable information and educating your audience, but it’s also necessary to drive leads and build interest in your products and services.

Incorporating visual content into your marketing strategy enables you to:

  • Optimise your visual content for the platforms you’re using
  • Enhance your written content with imagery
  • Experiment with different formats
  • Post short-form content like images and videos
  • Leverage existing templates for your content

When you strategically use visual content to promote your products and services, you have a higher chance of generating leads from different segments of your target market. One prospect may be captivated by your short-form video content, while another may prefer static images or long-form blogs.

Sometimes an interesting visual is all you need to convert a prospect into an invested lead. Reach out to us so we can discover how your brand can make content that stands out.

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