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3 Australian fintech companies that succeeded at finance content marketing

If you’re reading this blog, then you understand the importance of content marketing for your finance company. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, making an effort towards your content marketing is par for the course for any company that’s aiming to serve their customers’ needs in a highly competitive digital environment. It can be overwhelming diving headfirst into it without a plan, which is where investing in a good content strategy is crucial in achieving your branding and marketing goals. 

We’ve broken down the benefits of a good content marketing strategy for a finance brand before; a great one allows you to maximise brand awareness, simplify your message for your target audience and give you a chance to add value to your would-be customers’ lives.

The good thing about using content marketing is that you can learn from the companies who have tried it before, including what worked for them and what fell flat. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss three successful start-up fintech companies in Australia, and what makes their content marketing strategies effective.

3 Australian fintech companies that succeeded in finance content marketing

We’ve shortlisted companies that have used content marketing to their advantage, and offer valuable lessons on what strategies to use in achieving your marketing goals.


A suite of digital solutions for businesses tends to be technical, which is where content marketing can come in handy to simplify its mechanics and the value it can provide.

Zeller is a Melbourne-based fintech startup offering business-to-business (B2B) payment and financial management solutions. Zeller consolidates several tools businesses need, from accepting payments to paying receipts, promising a more streamlined experience relative to traditional banks. For its users, it offers a frictionless financial management system. 

Zeller has a clean and user-friendly interface on their website that invites visitors to explore different pages. The brand consistently creates timely and relevant blogs on its page–on topics like preventing credit card fraud as a business owner, plus management tips–while strategically promoting its newsletters in between each new article. Newsletters enable the brand to directly engage with its audience on a different level and provide exclusive content and promotions.

Valiant Finance

Business loans tend to be offered primarily by large banks and traditional financial institutions, so finding one suited to a new company can be a challenge for business owners to navigate.

This is the solution that Valiant Finance offers; a business loan marketplace that enables business owners and their advisers to get tailored business loan options and advice in minutes

Their proprietary technology gives business owners the ability to explore products from a universe of over 100 lenders and get matched to those that have the highest probability of being funded. Users are likely to need more than just basic instructions on navigating the platform, so Valiant Finance has utilised content to their advantage–using simple and informative material.

Like Zeller, Valiant Finance has a robust blog writing strategy, which you can see in action with their “Valiant Academy” section, the company’s hub for the latest financial news and tips for Aussie small businesses. From explanations of standard application practices to tips to solve cash flow challenges, their blog covers a range of topics that their audience would likely seek.

Even as a start-up, Valiant invests in providing relevant content to its audience to drive traffic to its website and increase the visibility of the company. Valiant Academy also showcases the brand’s expertise and industry knowledge while giving valuable information to its audience.

Adviser Ratings

Financial advisory can be difficult to navigate if you’re new to these types of services, and relying on the input of your immediate circle keeps your perspective fairly limited to what they share. Filtering through hundreds of forum threads online can be an exhausting use of one’s time, which is where Adviser Ratings devised their solution–a ratings and review service.

Currently, Adviser Ratings is Australia’s only independent financial adviser ratings and customer review service. Their solution helps customers to navigate their way through a financial advice industry with no less than 18,500 participants, while also helping industry professionals to better connect with customers. Their service makes choosing an adviser easier and helps consumers determine whether their current adviser is right for them. 

The content that Adviser Ratings shares ranges from blogs and videos to adviser Q&As, which allow them to reach multiple segments of their target audience. They recognise their market is likely to have a wide range of concerns and reasons for reaching out to a financial adviser, so the topics covered are just as diverse; budgeting, complex investments and superannuation are only some of the specialised categories their content covers, meeting their audiences’ needs.

How to replicate the content marketing success of these fintech companies

Despite their multiple approaches to reaching their target audience, the core of what they have in common is they’ve gotten a grasp of what it takes to create and apply an effective strategy.

In the past, we’ve gone over how content can build your brand and achieve your marketing goals. What these Aussie companies have done to make their content work for them are:

  • Creating high-quality content consistently shows audiences that you can be relied on for helpful responses, actionable advice and pertinent services.
  • Cross-promoting content on different platforms lets you reach your audience through multiple channels and touchpoints, making sure you’re able to showcase your expertise where they are most.
  • Discussing industry-related topics on your channels increases your visibility and establishes your reputation as a thought leader, so audiences can depend on your advice to add value to their lives.


No matter which fintech companies you’re guided by in terms of what to do for your marketing strategy, it’s crucial to establish what messages you want to share with your audience, niche down your target audience to communicate them more effectively and see all your content marketing efforts through to the end so you can find out for yourself what genuinely worked. 

These are practices that come with an understanding of your target audience, your company’s marketing objectives and what value you can provide to the people you’re aiming to convert into customers. Contact us and we can help you succeed in your content marketing strategies.


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