5 things to avoid doing with your personal brand

One mistake with your personal branding strategy can turn people away indefinitely. Your branding can make or break your business reputation online, so it’s important to be thoughtful and strategic about how you develop and maintain your personal brand. Oberlo has shortlisted key statistics that demonstrate the importance of good personal branding. One that caught […]

Fewer clients means less trust: Time to review your content

Finance brands need to have a significant number of clients to show that they are trustworthy; one way to show this credibility is through content.  Content marketing allows you to share your company’s message through multiple channels, which gives you the flexibility to meet your customers where they are–and associate your company with the help […]

3 things good marketing can do for a finance brand

As businesses operating in a tightly regulated market, financial service providers face significant hurdles and a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. Finance brands need to overcome certain customer and market-related barriers to excel in their respective fields and stand out against competitors. What’s more, the financial services industry is fiercely competitive […]

Aiming for repeat property sales? Creative content is key

Content is king when it comes to marketing and the real estate sector is no different. Too often we see the same old tired marketing from agents, thinking that the properties that they sell define their brand.  To a certain extent, yes, they do. But your agency should also have a brand personality of its […]

Yes, your content marketing strategy needs all those elements

As a real estate brand that wants to stand out in the market, you’ve wisely decided that it’s crucial to build a content marketing strategy. Once you start developing a content marketing strategy, you will discover that numerous moving parts need to be managed to ensure that the final output, your marketing initiative, is successful. […]

The most effective property content marketing strategy needs a story

With so many businesses implementing a content strategy, how do you ensure that you stand out from the pack? Adding a human touch to your marketing strategy will instantly give your content a unique quality. And the most important human element you can incorporate into your content marketing is storytelling. Using stories as the core […]