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The most effective property content marketing strategy needs a story

With so many businesses implementing a content strategy, how do you ensure that you stand out from the pack?

Adding a human touch to your marketing strategy will instantly give your content a unique quality. And the most important human element you can incorporate into your content marketing is storytelling.

Using stories as the core of your content personalises your brand and increases audience engagement because they resonate with your message.

Content marketing that features stories can actually improve your target customer’s buying journey. It’s more likely for your audience to engage with content that resonates with their personal experiences than sharing a lengthy blog that only gives a rundown of your products and services.

At Story League, we understand why storytelling is a key component of content marketing. Facts can easily be forgettable, but when they are paired with stories or anecdotes, your content becomes impactful. We believe that it’s crucial to develop a content marketing strategy based on research and insight while telling a great story that boosts your brand.

What makes property content different?

Real estate is in constant flux as the market adapts to external conditions.As such, your content should keep pace with the changing trends to ensure that you reach your target audience as they search for answers to specific questions. For example, you can personalise your real estate content by advocating for the local communities within the areas or neighbourhoods you specialise in.

The type of content you create will also depend on different things. Having a deep understanding of your target audience will help you identify the products and services that they are more likely to engage with. For example, a long-form article about the importance of utilising efficient proptech can be relevant to the property management audience in the face of recent labour shortages in the industry.

Even your products and services can be a source of inspiration for your content — as long as you weave a story into it. A great example of this is customer testimonials, which allow you to feature existing customers and their experiences with your brand. This can help your target audience build a connection not only with your business but also with your brand community of customers.

The majority of people around the world and across all industries go online to search for solutions to their problems (i.e. businesses that provide answers with their products and services). Real estate professionals need to meet people where they are so it’s crucial to adopt and maintain a digital-first mindset when you create and distribute your content.

3 ways stories make content marketing strategies more effective

Understanding how storytelling can impact your content marketing can help you identify areas in your strategy that you can improve as well as maintain. 

We’ve shortlisted the top three changes you’ll see in your content once you incorporate storytelling into your marketing strategy.

1. The topics you use just make sense

Effective content marketing strategies involve targeted topics. This means that each topic you choose must contribute to achieving your overall marketing and even organisational goals. 

However, doing this alone can lead to repetitive retreads of many of the same topics. 

This is where a story in a content strategy comes in handy.

When your content goes through a journey, you’re able to pick out which ideas are more relevant to your audience at that point. Great storytelling has a narrative and should be imaginative, allowing you to solidify abstract concepts and promote your ideas. Storytelling ensures that each piece of content you create is distinct but related to each other.

2. Your content is more authentic

Product-pushing content hasn’t worked as well as it used to in the heyday of traditional marketing, and consumers would rather support brands that genuinely want to help them.

Focusing on what value your brand can add to potential customers position you as a reliable resource and a company that wants to respond to the concerns of customers instead of constantly selling a product. 

Using authentic marketing helps you provide educational and entertaining content while allowing you to create strong and loyal customer relationships.

3. You connect to your audience better

Consumers need to be able to engage with your content so they can appreciate what you’re trying to tell them. Building a connection with your audience and cultivating their trust and loyalty can encourage them to feel more invested in your business. 

This way, once you share content about how your products and services can add value to your customer’s life, they are more likely to start the buying journey with your business.

Storytelling is the secret weapon you need to give your content marketing that “wow” factor. You probably don’t remember the last ad you scrolled past, but chances are your mind is still stuck on a funny, shocking or interesting story you’ve recently heard. 

We know how powerful stories can be, and know how property companies can use them to their advantage. Contact us and we can help you discover the big story you need to tell.

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