The Entrepreneurial Way Podcast: Creating the Content Strategy to Turn Your Copywriting, Podcast and Video Audiences into Loyal Customers

“We’re all entrepreneurs on a journey, most are doing it for the first time. So why do something that you’ve never done before without relying on someone who’s been there and done that?

“The more help you can get, the more you can surround yourself with people who are further along the journey than you and can support you and help you with your questions.” – Luke Buesnel.

The Entrepreneur Way podcast is hosted by Neil Ball and showcases successful entrepreneurs in their journey to the top. It captures the business owners’ vision, mindset, commitment, sacrifice, failures, and of course, successes.

This episode features Luke Buesnel, founder and content director of Story League, who started his media career as a commercial media broadcaster and journalist where he learned how a powerful story can impact an audience.

Story League’s mission is to create copywriting services, podcasts and videos that are unique but driven by purpose and meaning for their clients.

This episode highlights the following:

  • How Luke learned to write a really good story
  • The power that storytelling can have on audience
  • Luke’s experience working in the fields of journalism and politics 
  • Why stories are easier than data to remember 
  • How Story League works with SMEs with no marketing team to create unique content that meets Google’s algorithm
  • Why content needs to be released consistently and why Google prefers frequent posting
  • How to cut through given everyone else is pumping out content 
  • What pushed Luke to start Story League
  • The difficulties he had to overcome in starting his business
  • Luke’s biggest mistake in business: needing to do everything himself
  • Why it is important for entrepreneurs to build a lot of content first before starting to release them
  • How developing content packages was a game-changer in converting audiences into customers
  • Why change is inevitable in the digital space and how to keep up with it
  • How powerful content can generate leads

In this episode, Luke talks in-depth about his journey, what he went through, and provides ideas about how others can (and should) create their content. He also reflects on his own experiences and thoughts and explains what he believes is needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Luke also shares his favourite quote (you can see this below) and favourite online resource. Lastly, he gives his most important piece of advice: Be humble.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” – Steve Jobs.

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