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How to put your property brand to work in your content

Branding – It’s the first thing that customers will notice about your real estate business and one of the most important ways you can set your company apart from the others. Creating a cohesive, memorable and well-aligned brand image can ensure that your business can easily spring into clients’ minds when they need a real estate agent.

You can build up your company’s brand through the content you create. By embedding your business’ unique vision and mission throughout your marketing strategy, you can establish a consistent identity for your customers.

But, what exactly does this mean? How do you make sure your unique brand identity shines through in your content strategy? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the most effective ways you can put your brand to work in your content, making your company more recognisable and ultimately memorable for your target audience.

Why is it important to have strong branding?

Before we discuss how to embed your unique brand throughout your marketing strategy, we need to establish why it’s so important to have a robust brand identity in the first place.

First of all, your brand is what sets your business apart from its competitors; it’s the thing that comes to mind whenever your audience thinks of your company. What problems does your brand solve? What values does it stand for? What does it look like, aesthetically? Most importantly – why should customers support your brand, specifically?

Branding is not simply about aesthetics – it’s also about highlighting your mission, story and the value you add to customers. If branding is neglected or done poorly, it can negatively impact the potential of your business. 

Overall, your brand is the bedrock of your marketing strategy; without a consistent identity, it’s difficult for customers to identify and recall your business.

3 ways to leverage your real estate brand in your content

It’s clear to see that having a strong brand is a highly important preliminary step to a successful marketing strategy for your real estate business. Now, let’s discuss three effective strategies you can use to incorporate your property brand into your content creation efforts.

1. Align your visual content with brand aesthetics

Visual content is a powerful tool in content marketing. In today’s social media-dominated world, aesthetic and eye-catching content reigns supreme in the attention economy. Content Marketing Institute outlines the key things to consider when crafting a visual content strategy.

When curating this kind of content for your brand, it’s important to think like a storyteller and craft a narrative with the images you share. You need to identify what you want your audience to take away from your visual marketing aesthetics. It’s also crucial to understand the types of stories that resonate with them and how you can incorporate them into your visual storytelling.  

Above all, make sure your visual content stays consistent with your brand’s over-arching style and aesthetic. This will make your marketing strategy more effective by setting your business apart from others, and ensuring your brand is easy to recall. It’s handy to have a brand style guide to help you maintain a consistent look and feel that distinguishes you from the competition, allowing your audience to identify your content in the blink of an eye.

2. Reinforce key messages with evergreen content

Evergreen content – it’s a secret marketing weapon that can be easy to overlook. When dreaming up your content strategy, you can easily be swept up in trends and current events, and focus entirely on what’s capturing peoples’ attention right now.

While it’s important to stay fresh and relevant with your marketing, it’s equally important to invest time into creating content that will stay relevant past the season or the current news cycle. Evergreen content can be revisited by customers time and time again because it is timeless.

There are many great options to create evergreen marketing materials in the real estate space. For example, if your real estate brand is focused on property-buying services in Melbourne’s inner west, you could create how-to guides and ‘listicles’ that educate readers about the benefits of buying in your area. Articles such as these have the potential to continually drive traffic to your brand because they address a topic that audiences will search for repeatedly as it becomes relevant to them.

According to Ahrefs’ guide to making evergreen content that stands out, quality is key – make sure your content stands out from the rest by being easy to interact with, entertaining, unique and informative. Another tip is to avoid language that will date your blog, such as referring to specific years, or using time-based terms such as “earlier this year.” Furthermore, don’t be afraid to refresh your ‘evergreen’ content over time with updated statistics – a quick refresh can drive new interest in your content. 

The topic you select is also imperative to success – ideal evergreen topics are those that have growing interest, high traffic potential and aren’t hooked to short-term trends.

3. Connect with your audience with branded storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with your audience through shared narratives. Everybody is a storyteller in some way – we make sense of the world and our own identities through stories. By being intentional with your brand’s narrative – what you stand for, where you came from, how you seek to help people – you can truly enhance how your business reaches its customers.

Storytelling is an impactful way to get audiences to care about your brand. Brand storytelling can establish emotional connections with people based on the values your brand shares with them alongside their own needs, desires and aspirations.

Stories are much more memorable than facts – by providing customers with information about your brand in a story-based format, it’s easier for them to retain that information. Having rich storytelling embedded in your marketing allows customers to recall your brand better, especially when they’re in a situation where your brand could be of help to them.

All in all, it’s important to stay authentic when creating stories for your marketing strategy. Everybody’s brand exists for a reason– lean into the genuine value that your brand can provide to customers and be sure to highlight this within your brand’s unique narrative.

By highlighting your unique brand throughout your marketing content, it’s possible to make your business all the more memorable to your audience. By ensuring you maintain a consistent brand aesthetic across different marketing channels, you can make sure your customers can distinguish you from the competition. This can do wonders for brand recall, helping your company be first in mind when your customers-to-be are looking for a real estate agent.

Not sure where to start in creating a consistent, effective content strategy that makes your brand truly stand apart from the rest? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you leverage your brand into an engaging, informative and high-impact marketing strategy.

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